Four Hot Winter Holiday Styles For Women

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Whether you're going casual or a little dressy for your holiday event, it's important to find the right clothing for the occasion as well as accessories that will make your look shine. Here are some clothing collaborations to get you thinking for your next holiday ensemble.

Casual Holiday Browns

Orangish browns are trending right now and provide a great backdrop for accessorizing and adding layers. If you love the warm tones of deep oranges, reds, and browns, choose a snug fitting blouse to start building from. Brown or black leggings with tall, knee-high brown or black boots can create a casual style. Instantly glam this look up by replacing flat boots with heels or wedges. Layer over your top with a darker colored poncho or wrap in the same color family. Make the look pop with gold earrings, bracelets and gold-hued necklace. Bright red or burgundy nail polish can finish off the look.

Bold Blue Christmas

For the very special Christmas party that you'll be attending or hosting, being the belle of the ball is your priority. All eyes will be on you when you show off your legs with an above the knee bold blue dress. With blue as your base, you can build a really cute outfit that is both casual and sophisticated. With a solid double ruffled skirt and matching lace top, the blue base can be dressed up with blue earrings and filigree trim. Chunky blue suede heels dress the look up. Accessorize with a white vinyl chain strap purse. Searching on your favorite dress boutique online is a great way to find unique styles that won't be duplicated at your party.

Sleek White And Rose Gold

White is popular year round, not just before Labor Day. As long as you add layers to your white outfit, you can create a warm and fun loving tone. White sweaters with Paris designs highlighted with rose gold create a stand out look. Build the look up with straight legged ripped jeans that are rolled up at the bottom. Add rose gold accessories including earrings, a necklace and bracelet. Finish the look with a trendy beret and scarf.,

Sporty Denim Thanksgiving

For many girls, Football is either on their mind or on television on Thanksgiving. If the look you are after is completely casual, it's important to find comfy fabrics. Grab your favorite boyfriend jeans—which fit a little loose and are easy to lounge around in. Wearing your favorite team sweatshirt will help complete the look. Don't forget nail polish that is bright and fun!

No matter what look you are after this holiday season, it's important to be comfortable. Multiple shopping sources including your favorite dress boutique online, such as Mommy In Heels LLC, will allow you to put together the perfect outfit.


23 November 2015

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