How To Wear Your Summer Dresses All Year Long

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Extending your wardrobe is essential these days, especially if you trying to live a little more budget friendly. One of the more transitional pieces are dresses, so if you have a summer dress, you can wear it a lot more than just in the summer. You just need to add a few more key pieces to be able to wear it each and every season, extending your wardrobe. See below for tips on how to wear your summer dresses all year long.


Your summer dress can be worn out on a date, to the beach or even to work. The accessories you wear with your dress will help dress up or dress down the piece. 

  • On A Date. Wear your summer dress with a chunky necklace and a pair of heels or wedges. 
  • The Beach. You can use your summer dress as a cover up for your bathing suit at the beach. Just grab a pair of flip flops and your beach bag.
  • To Work. Wear your summer dress to work on those hot summer days. Add a cropped blazer to match your dress so you aren't showing too much skin at work. Wear it with heels or flats, along with some bracelets and a great watch.


Wear your summer dress in the fall by wearing it with either a blazer, leather or jean jacket to keep your arms warm on chilly days. You can even wear a blanket scarf to help keep you warm. Add a pair of booties (either flats or heels), rather than open-toed shoes. If the weather isn't too chilly yet, you can still get away with bare legs.


Take your summer dress into the cold winter months by adding a cardigan over the top of your summer dress in a darker color. Be sure the cardigan isn't longer than the length of your dress. You can even opt for a cropped cardigan. For longer boyfriend cardigans, add a leather belt (about 1 inch wide) that can be wrapped a few times around. Wear the belt around the cardigan. To keep your legs warm, wear tights or leggings under your dress. Then wear a pair of tall boots to finish off your look.


Now the weather is getting a little warmer, you can ditch the leggings or tights. Keep the tall boots if it's still a little chilly, or opt for booties. Add a spring colored cardigan to wear over the dress, or wear a jean jacket. If it gets warm you can roll up the sleeves on your jacket. Look for a spring colored scarf to go with the jacket. 

Summer sundresses are pretty versatile, just mix them with other pieces to give you more looks and to extend your wardrobe.


23 February 2016

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