What To Do When Hard Water Has Compromised The Condition Of Your Hair

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Has your hair been damaged by hard water? Perhaps it has and you do not know it. If you use hard water on your hair, it can change its color, make it brittle or dull, and lose its ability to hold a curl or have bounce. Some people also do not yield the best results from chemical treatments such as perms or hair color when their hair has been damaged by hard water. You may be wondering if there is anything you can do other than cut your hair to reverse the hard water damage. You can, and the following are a few options. 

What happened

Hard water deposits minerals into hair. To correct the damage, your hair will need to be stripped of the mineral deposits. You may have to routinely perform this at home or request the service in a salon to ensure that you do not have hard water hair damage occur again. When you get the mineral deposits removed, it is wise to consider washing your hair from a faucet that has a filter attached. 

Vinegar and Water

If you are a person who prefers to use natural ingredients, you can try vinegar and water rinses to remove the minerals from your hair. Keep in mind that this approach works, but it may not work as well as hair products that are designed to reverse hard water damage. 

Clarifying Shampoo

This is an option that you can use if your hair has been mildly affected by hard water. Clarifying shampoos are used in salon settings, but you can also find some that are appropriate for home use. If you do your own hair at home and sometimes visit the salon, it ideal to use a clarifying shampoo to minimize hair damage from the hard water between visits. This will help when you go to the salon because you may not have to have additional services performed prior to getting your hair done. For example, your hair might need to be treated prior to other services if you have signs of hard water damage.

Clarifying Treatment

This may be needed if your hair shows signs of extensive hard water damage. For example, you may experience changes in your hair color which might make it look green or orange. There are treatments that can be used at home to fix this. However, a beauty professional who specializes in hair color is a good resource to use to ensure that you completely reverse the effects and get your hair the correct color. For more information, contact local professionals like Town and Country Salon.

Perhaps you are wondering if your water supply is considered hard water. You can easily find this information out by visiting your local city hall. There are also some home testing strips on the market. 


9 November 2016

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