A Hairy Situation? Taking (Good) Care of Your Natural-Hair Wig

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Natural-hair wigs are popular choices for people from many walks of life, from cancer patients not wanting to wait for their own hair to grow back after radiation treatment to just people looking for a drastically different style without actually chopping their hair off. But caring for these wigs is not only different from caring for your own hair but also wildly different from caring for synthetic-hair wigs. Making a mistake with your human-hair wig is liable to make it fall apart, frizz, and generally look sub-par, and you don't want that. So if you're looking for a few tips for taking care of your natural-hair wig, then here's what you need to know.

Ceramic Is King

Natural-hair wigs aren't meant to be worn out of the box: in order to protect yourself from chemicals, you have to wash your wig before you wear it. The problem with that is that the wigs can lose the style they had in the box before you washed it. So in order to make your wig look great again, you'll want to style it, and when you do, keep to ceramic-plated curlers, straighteners, and the like. Ceramic is much, much less damaging to human-hair wigs than regular old metal, and it will curl or straighten just as well.

Moisturize (A Lot)

The key to keeping your natural-hair wigs as nice as possible for the longest amount of time possible is to ensure that they stay properly moisturized. For example, while you can use synthetic-hair shampoo on your wig with no issue, you should make sure to use conditioner (or, better yet, two conditioning treatments) specifically made for natural-hair wigs. Avoid any shampoos or conditioners with alcohol, parabens, or sulfates in the ingredient list; these will dry out your wig something awful and leave you with a frizzed-out, crackly mess rather than the smooth, moisturized hair you're going for. Follow up the shampoo and conditioner with a leave-in moisturizing product (argan oil is perfect for this) for best results.

Check the Color

If you've had a synthetic wig before, and you're thinking that the natural shade will actually be the same color, think again. Human-hair wigs tend to, by virtue of their being actual hair, be a shade or two lighter than their synthetic counterparts. A wig that's too dark for your coloring will end up looking funny and will make more people think that your hair is really a wig, so if you don't want that, go a shade or two lighter than you think you really want. Remember, while most human-hair wigs can't be redyed without ruining them, there are a select few brands that can be, though dying hair lighter is always easier than darkening it.

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29 November 2016

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