Is A Two-Arm Tattoo Right For You?

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If you want to be able to show off your tattoo, getting it on the forearm is a natural spot. After all, except for in the coldest of months, it's easy to roll up your sleeves or even wear a short-sleeved shirt. Forearm tattoos range from a simple picture on your inner arm to the bottom portion of a full sleeve. A relatively new type of tattoo is what Inked Magazine calls "two arms, one tattoo." Find out if this style is right for you.

What is a Two-Arm Tattoo?

Saying "two arms, one tattoo" is a charming way to describe a tattoo that stretches across two limbs. The tattoo is complete when you hold your arms together. You can go one of three ways with the design. You can have two tattoos that stand alone but also create a story when put together. For instance, you could have a Jekyll and Hyde effect on your arms. The second option is getting two stand-alone tattoos that create a different story when put together. This option works in the way the back page of Mad Magazine used to work – you got a whole new picture when you folded the image. The third option is to have a design that continues from one arm to the other.

Design Ideas for a Two-Arm Tattoo

Which option you choose depends on how much tattooing you want on your forearms. A two-arm tattoo can consist of a relatively simple design. For example, imagine a delicate cherry blossom branch on one arm with petals flying down your other arm. Another popular two-arm style is a mandala design.

Faces work well for this style of tattoo. You could do a literal Jekyll and Hyde with two versions of a face or simple two halves of the same face.

Deciding on a Two-Arm Tattoo

The two-arm tattoo may not be for everyone. You definitely have to commit to having both arms inked. If you already have ink on either arm, it may not be feasible to create a large picture that incorporates the old design.

Likewise, if you want such a clever tattoo, you'll have to find a particularly skilled and creative tattoo artist. The artist doesn't necessarily have to have created a two-arm tattoo in the past. However, it's important that your tattoo artist is able to maintain consistency over a large area. Look for artists who have large pieces in their portfolios.

Consider a clever, two-arm tattoo for a unique ink look when you go to your tattoo shop.


16 December 2016

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