Making the Cut: Establishing Prestige as a Stylist


Working as a stylist is one dream that anyone can achieve with the right combination of education and dedication. However, it is important to know that how far you take your new career depends completely upon your goals and determination. After all, stylists can find careers anywhere from shopping strip malls to movie sets and high scale salons. When you know that only a prestigious position as a stylist will do, use these strategies to ensure that you make the cut when it comes to building a portfolio that gets you noticed.

Focus on Certification and Training

Every stylist starts in the same place. Before you can begin cutting hair and performing manicures, you will need to learn the basics. Choose a cosmetology program that has a proven track record of taking beginners and turning out advanced stylists. A quality training and certification program should offer a combination of classroom hours and hands-on experiences that all add up to you being able to complete all of the requirements for licensing while being ready to work magic on the salon floor immediately after graduation.

Project Professionalism

Movies love to show Southern stylists smacking gum as they gossip with their clients. However, the best stylists are less like a best friend and more like an artist. Upper scale clients rely upon you to create a unique look that brings out their best attributes. They can also make or break your career through word-of-mouth. Since today's social media sites such as Yelp also provide an outlet where happy customers can rave about your skills or disgruntled clients can snap a pic of your bad color job, maintaining a professional demeanor is critical for your success.

Update Your Skills With Continuing Education

In some states, continuing education is required for keeping your license. However, it is important to avoid only focusing on meeting these requirements. Going to hair shows, taking advanced classes in skills such as coloring and braiding, and learning new techniques such as massage all give you new ways to dazzle potential clients.

Every year, students graduate from cosmetology programs. It is important to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. While you will always earn money by giving a basic haircut, earning prestige takes drive and determination to learn everything you can about transforming every person who sits in your chair into the most beautiful person in the mirror. Now that you know how to get there, go ahead and get started. The sky is the limit when you are fully immersed in a career that you love.


29 December 2016

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