Making the Cut: Establishing Prestige as a Stylist


Working as a stylist is one dream that anyone can achieve with the right combination of education and dedication. However, it is important to know that how far you take your new career depends completely upon your goals and determination. After all, stylists can find careers anywhere from shopping strip malls to movie sets and high scale salons. When you know that only a prestigious position as a stylist will do, use these strategies to ensure that you make the cut when it comes to building a portfolio that gets you noticed.

29 December 2016

Your Skin Is Scaling Up: Is It Cancer?


Skin problems, especially ugly conditions like scaly skin, can be frustrating and hard to handle. While the sudden emergence of scaly skin isn't necessarily a sign of skin cancer, it could be. As a result, you need to understand when scaly is a sign of cancer and how it can be treated. Yes, Scaly Skin May Be Cancer Scaly skin is often caused by a variety of health problems, including psoriasis and other forms of dermatitis.

28 October 2016