3 Reasons To Have A Mommy And Daughter Date At The Beauty Salon

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If you are looking for a fun mommy and daughter date idea, then you should consider going to the beauty salon. Beauty salons have so many different services that either you, your daughter, or both of you can enjoy. You will also be together the entire time, which is the purpose of mommy and daughter dates. This article will discuss 3 reasons to have a mommy and daughter date at the beauty salon

You Can Get Your Nails Done Together

You can schedule the two of you to have your nails done as part of your beauty salon date. If you'd like, you can both get simple manicures, or you can determine if you think your daughter is old enough for gel nails, acrylic nails, glitter nails, etc. In any case, your daughter is going to love that she is able to pick out the color and/or style for her nails and that she is getting pampered. The two of you can sit side by side while you are getting your nails done, which makes it a great way to catch up on your daughter's life and build a stronger relationship. 

You Can Schedule Your Daughter To Get Her Hair Styled

If your daughter has never had her hair done before, then she will love having it styled as part of your salon date. You can have a professional stylist show your daughter a variety of styles, and then she can pick the one that she wants. This can be a head full of ringlets, a gorgeous braided half up-do, or a complete up-do that includes curls and pins. Your daughter will love how beautiful she looks with her hair done professionally, and the two of you may even learn a thing or two about doing some of these styles in a more simplistic way on your own. 

You Can Get Your Makeup Professionally Done 

Another fun thing that you can do together is to get your makeup professionally done. This is especially a good idea if your daughter is just starting to wear makeup and isn't quite sure how she should apply it. The professional makeup artist can show both of you the best way to apply your makeup, as well as what colors look best for your skin tone, your eyes, and your hair color. You may even be able to purchase some of the makeup used on your face to take home so that you can go home and do your makeup together there as well. 


27 October 2016

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