Finding and Wearing The Perfect Jewelry

Making the Cut: Establishing Prestige as a Stylist

Working as a stylist is one dream that anyone can achieve with the right combination of education and dedication. However, it is important to know that how far you take your new career depends completely upon your goals and determination. After all, stylists can find careers anywhere from shopping strip malls to movie sets and high scale salons. When you know that only a prestigious position as a stylist will do, use these strategies to ensure that you make the cut when it comes to building a portfolio that gets you noticed.

Focus on Certification and Training

Every stylist starts in the same place. Before you can begin cutting hair and performing manicures, you will need to learn the basics. Choose a cosmetology program that has a proven track record of taking beginners and turning out advanced stylists. A quality training and certification program should offer a combination of classroom …

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Dressing Modestly And Fashionably At Once: Tools That Can Help

Whether you want to dress more modestly than contemporary or modern trends allow for your own personal achievement or religious obligations, it can be hard to know how to show less skin without looking dated or out of fashion. Luckily there are many tools out there that you can use to make your attire more modest in appearance without sacrificing your fashion personality and love of being trendy.

Follow blogs

There are many modesty-based fashion blogs for women on the internet designed to help women feel great about their bodies while still adhering to modesty values. You can follow a blog like Evocatively Chosen to simply discover brands of clothing that are known to offer more coverage than others or to learn how to make clothing that covers less layer with other items for a complete look. Many of these blogs feature links to online retailers of modest clothing so …

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Fashion Trends For Winter 2016: Must-Have Pieces

Winter is a great time show off your personality through fashion. Luxurious fabrics, such as silk and cashmere, warm fabrics like wool, suede, and leather, and textured fabrics like sequins and beaded garments—just about anything goes in winter, which makes it such a great season for fashion. This winter, there are some trends making a comeback that you should have in your closet. See below for some of these trends and how to wear them.

Faux-Suede Booties

Faux-suede booties are a big trend this season, seen on not just booties but with knee-high and thigh-high boots as well. Booties are a very versatile trend and can be worn with skinny and baggier boyfriend jeans, dresses, skirts and leggings. Look for booties in light tan, brown, black, or even grey. You can find them in a variety of styles; anything from oxfords with a wedge heel to a rounded toe, wood …

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Beauty Tools You Need For Perfect Nails 24/7

If you love to be gorgeous from head to toe, then you know a chipped or snagged nail can create a fashion disaster quickly. You carry oil blotters and other makeup tools in your bag just in case your nose gets shiny, your mascara bleeds, or your lipstick wears off, so why not carry an arsenal of nail supplies for those just-in-case moments? Here are the tools you need to keep your fingernails stunning every minute of the day.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a beauty tool that works in many ways. You can keep a small vial of this nutrition-rich oil from the Mediterranean on hand for smoothing your hair back, hydrating dry elbows in a flash, or even giving your cuticles a quick checkup. Cold-pressed and organic Argan oil is best, stored in a dropper vial container for quick application. You can buy this necessary beauty tool at …

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Is A Two-Arm Tattoo Right For You?

If you want to be able to show off your tattoo, getting it on the forearm is a natural spot. After all, except for in the coldest of months, it’s easy to roll up your sleeves or even wear a short-sleeved shirt. Forearm tattoos range from a simple picture on your inner arm to the bottom portion of a full sleeve. A relatively new type of tattoo is what Inked Magazine calls “two arms, one tattoo.” Find out if this style is right for you.

What is a Two-Arm Tattoo?

Saying “two arms, one tattoo” is a charming way to describe a tattoo that stretches across two limbs. The tattoo is complete when you hold your arms together. You can go one of three ways with the design. You can have two tattoos that stand alone but also create a story when put together. For instance, you could have a …

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It’s My Signature Scent: 3 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Perfume

You probably know someone that you could identify their scent with your eyes closed. Many people choose a perfume and then stick with it for their entire life. The perfume becomes their signature scent. Choosing a signature scent doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time to find the perfect perfume. If you haven’t found your signature scent yet, here are three tips that will get you started on your quest.

Begin with Clean Skin

To find your perfect scent, you need to begin with a clean slate. Before you head out to test perfumes, be sure you start with clean skin. Begin your shower with hot water to open your pores. Opening your pores will help remove all the oils from your skin. Use an unscented soap to wash with. Once you’ve lathered up and rinsed off with hot water, switch to cool water for a few seconds. The cool water …

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