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A Hairy Situation? Taking (Good) Care of Your Natural-Hair Wig

Natural-hair wigs are popular choices for people from many walks of life, from cancer patients not wanting to wait for their own hair to grow back after radiation treatment to just people looking for a drastically different style without actually chopping their hair off. But caring for these wigs is not only different from caring for your own hair but also wildly different from caring for synthetic-hair wigs. Making a mistake with your human-hair wig is liable to make it fall apart, frizz, and generally look sub-par, and you don’t want that. So if you’re looking for a few tips for taking care of your natural-hair wig, then here’s what you need to know.

Ceramic Is King

Natural-hair wigs aren’t meant to be worn out of the box: in order to protect yourself from chemicals, you have to wash your wig before you wear it. The problem with that is …

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Got Rosacea? Different Types and How the Condition Can Be Treated

Rosacea is a skin condition that looks like small pimples, and if you have it, your face will look flushed and have redness. If you have this problem, a dermatologist can treat it in different ways. Below are some different types of rosacea and the different types of treatments you can get.

Types of Rosacea

There are different types of rosacea including:

  • Facial flushing, redness, and blood vessels on your face
  • Acne breakouts and sensitive skin
  • Fluid retention and swelling of the face
  • Ocular rosacea, which is rosacea around your eyes

You may have more than one type of rosacea, and your doctor will examine your skin and your eyes to help them determine the exact type you have. Your doctor will also talk to you about your lifestyle, your medical history, your diet, and whether anyone in your family has problems with rosacea.

If the dermatologist finds that you …

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All the Curls Without the Fuss: 3 Tips for Choosing Hair Products for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then you know how difficult it is to keep your curls intact and looking good. If you don’t regularly use nourishing hair products that supply essential nutrients to your hair, the curls will easily become damaged and dry. When looking to buy hair products online for curly hair, consider the following 3 tips to help you weed out products that won’t work for you and find ones that will do wonders.

Avoid Hair Products Containing Silicone

Although silicone is used in hair products like conditioners  to give your hair a layer of shine, the silicone is difficult to wash off on curly hair in comparison to straight hair and can easily accumulate and get stuck on. The silicone basically coats each strand of hair once it is applied. This adds extra weight to your hair and will cause more damage in the long run. It’s …

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4 Great Reasons To Purchase Virgin Cambodian Hair

If you are a woman of color who is looking to get some beautiful hair extensions, then you should consider looking at virgin Cambodian hair. As the name suggests, this hair comes from Cambodia and is hair that has never been dyed or treated in any way. This creates high quality hair that is going to be perfect for creating either length or volume to your own head of hair. This article will discuss 4 great reasons why you should consider purchasing some virgin Cambodian hair for yourself.

They Come In 3 Hair Types

One awesome benefit of purchasing a bundle of virgin Cambodian hair is the fact that you get to choose from 3 different styles. These styles include straight, wavy, and curly. Having these 3 different kinds of hair types, along with all of the different colors, will make it quite easy to find the color and …

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Tips For Ensuring That A Spray Tan Looks Natural

Spray tans can have a bad reputation for looking inauthentic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look natural — it only means that the less-authentic spray tans are the ones that are most noticeable. There are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure your spray tan looks as though you just spent some time on the beach.

Always Go a Little Lighter Than You Intend

Many people go darker with a spray tan because they expect the tan to wear off. But because spray tan solutions are a chemical solution rather than a paint or a stain, the opposite effect is often true: a spray tan often darkens with time. It’s better for you to go a little lighter and potentially have to tan again than to go too dark.

Consider Going Organic

Organic spray tan solutions from companies like Sol Potion may work better for those …

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What To Do When Hard Water Has Compromised The Condition Of Your Hair

Has your hair been damaged by hard water? Perhaps it has and you do not know it. If you use hard water on your hair, it can change its color, make it brittle or dull, and lose its ability to hold a curl or have bounce. Some people also do not yield the best results from chemical treatments such as perms or hair color when their hair has been damaged by hard water. You may be wondering if there is anything you can do other than cut your hair to reverse the hard water damage. You can, and the following are a few options. 

What happened

Hard water deposits minerals into hair. To correct the damage, your hair will need to be stripped of the mineral deposits. You may have to routinely perform this at home or request the service in a salon to ensure that you do not have hard …

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