Beauty Tools You Need For Perfect Nails 24/7

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If you love to be gorgeous from head to toe, then you know a chipped or snagged nail can create a fashion disaster quickly. You carry oil blotters and other makeup tools in your bag just in case your nose gets shiny, your mascara bleeds, or your lipstick wears off, so why not carry an arsenal of nail supplies for those just-in-case moments? Here are the tools you need to keep your fingernails stunning every minute of the day.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a beauty tool that works in many ways. You can keep a small vial of this nutrition-rich oil from the Mediterranean on hand for smoothing your hair back, hydrating dry elbows in a flash, or even giving your cuticles a quick checkup. Cold-pressed and organic Argan oil is best, stored in a dropper vial container for quick application. You can buy this necessary beauty tool at your local health foods or beauty supply store.

Glass file

Glass files are your nails' greatest defense against chipping and snags, and they provide smooth filing of your fingertips without pulling or over-correcting your nails' shapes. Painted nail files give you a hint of personality and are easy to find in your handbag for a quick touch-up as needed. As a bonus, you can use the buffer side of a glass file to quickly remove leftover chipped polish for a fresh and shiny nude appearance when your nail polish has worn out.

Glitter polish

Has your nail polish chipped in the middle of the day or you don't have time to remove and repaint your nails before a business meeting or date? With glitter polish you can cover blemishes on your nail polish, and no one would be the wiser. Choose glitter polish in metallic hues, such as silver or gold, and make sure the contents include very tiny flecks of glitter to evenly coat your nails and hide chips and reflect light well. Glitter tricks the eye into moving over blemishes and can even hide your uneven nails or long cuticles as well. You can also use glitter nail polish to repair snags in your pantyhose for a last-minute fashion repair as well.

If you want to be beauty-ready all the time, your nails are a great place to start. A small arsenal of tools to keep your fingernails fresh and ready can help you out in any potential disaster. Carry a small vial of superglue with you just in case as well—you never know when you will need to reinforce a broken nail so it doesn't tear off completely.


20 December 2016

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