Fashion Trends For Winter 2016: Must-Have Pieces

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Winter is a great time show off your personality through fashion. Luxurious fabrics, such as silk and cashmere, warm fabrics like wool, suede, and leather, and textured fabrics like sequins and beaded garments—just about anything goes in winter, which makes it such a great season for fashion. This winter, there are some trends making a comeback that you should have in your closet. See below for some of these trends and how to wear them.

Faux-Suede Booties

Faux-suede booties are a big trend this season, seen on not just booties but with knee-high and thigh-high boots as well. Booties are a very versatile trend and can be worn with skinny and baggier boyfriend jeans, dresses, skirts and leggings. Look for booties in light tan, brown, black, or even grey. You can find them in a variety of styles; anything from oxfords with a wedge heel to a rounded toe, wood stacked heel with tassels. These booties will look great with just about anything. Keep them looking their best by spraying them with a water protectant. 

Choker Necklace

Chokers were big in the 90s and are making a comeback this season. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid have all been seen wearing choker style necklaces. Look for simple chokers made from suede, velvet, satin, or lace, along with small charms or bows with low hanging tassels. These necklaces look great paired with just about any neckline (other than turtlenecks of course).

Cross-Body Bag

Keep your hands free by wearing a cross-body bag. Larger bags with long straps such as messenger type bags are big this season, or keep the bag a little smaller but still cross-body.

Felt or Wool Floppy Hat

These hats look great on anybody and are perfect for cold weather outings. Wear your hair down when wearing this type of hat to keep things a little more casual. Pair this hat with a structured coat such as a wool toggle button coat or a pea coat. Stick with basic colors such as brown, grey, or black, or if you want a pop of color, opt for a plum or red color.

These trends are big this winter but can be worn into early spring and even summer (such as the choker necklace). Investing in just a few pieces each season helps you keep up with the trends, without breaking the bank on an entire new wardrobe. For more information on fashion trends, check out a company like TrendCue. Enjoy the season. 


20 December 2016

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